Michael Cirak

Composer / Producer / Musician


Mike von oben.jpeg

I started composing music at age 12, after 5 years of piano lessons, looking to freely create and express emotions. The first album I ever recorded was a collection of piano solos I wrote in my teens. The strong foundation I have with this instrument let me easily transition to computer-based composing with virtual instruments, since these are usually controlled using keyboards.

Growing up during the heyday of Metallica and Guns N' Roses, I also fell in love with electric guitars and learned to play early on. There's just no other instrument that can equally produce sensations from both ends of the spectrum: uplifting, heavenly-angelic exaltation, and exhilarating, gritty-demonic power. Combined with my love for dramatic classical music, like the Brahms piano concertos, I pursued a music style called Symphonic Metal. This culminated in producing and co-writing/composing the critically acclaimed album "Whispers Torn From A Raven's Dream" by my band Terrateya.

Extensive assignments accompanying big bands, choirs and solo singers also expanded my musical range, so I feel at home in many styles ranging from classical symphonic, to pop, rock and metal. Check out the "Music" section for some samples.

Since my musical interests are so diverse, composing for film/TV/media was a logical step. I earned an advanced professional certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV from Berklee Online, which gave me the additional tools to travel this road comfortably.

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