Michael Cirak

Composer / Producer / Musician


In 2011, all my diverse musical interests converged in a music style called symphonic metal, which basically combines elements from classical/film music with rock/metal. I co-founded a band called Terrateya, and we released our debut album to substantial critical acclaim. Unfortunately, we were smack in the middle of the streaming revolution, our album was being leeched from pirate sites 24 hours after its official release, and no one was betting on niche music styles to make any money. Even though this project was doomed commercially, the music I wrote together with keyboarder Max Groeger and singer Stefan Siegl still lights a fire in my heart. Despite spending well over a thousand hours composing, writing, arranging, programming and recording this album, I am still not bored of a single song.

Click here to listen to Terrateya's debut album!

I'm still not done with this style of music. Terrateya may be in hibernation, but you can listen to a recently released symphonic metal song of mine right here.


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