Michael Cirak

Composer / Producer / Musician


Music for Film / TV / Online Videos and Events

Whatever you need music for,
I'm here to compose for you and help you fulfill your vision. In addition to my skills as a composer, I have a degree in psychology and 15 years experience as a communication coach. So you can be sure you'll have a competent partner seeking to understand and help you bring across the emotional impact you're looking for.

Whatever music you need,
I'm capable of delivering a wide range of styles, from lush symphonic scores to heavy-hitting metal, from intimate piano & cello to FX-infused trailer instrumentals. See the "Music" section for samples of my work.
For lower budgeted projects, I work with the highest quality, state-of-the-art virtual instruments, like EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra (Diamond Ed.) or Heavyocity's Gravity for cinematic FX. This way you can be sure you're getting the best and current sound that won't feel dated.

Compensation will depend on several factors, like the amount of work, time to deadline, projected royalties, live musicians (if requested), etc. For a quote, please contact me and we can set up a phone or video call to discuss your project.

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Music Production

Everything in the music section on this site is composed, written, arranged, played, programmed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself. While my focus is composing, the necessity to present my music in a top-notch and polished form makes production skills par for the course. I made sure to set a strong foundation by earning a Professional Certificate in Music Production and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV from Berklee Online.

Not sure what you need or want?

No problem at all. It's part of my job to help you figure that out. You'll find zero judgment or presumptuousness on my side, just openness, curiosity, honesty, and the desire to help you fulfill your vision. 

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